Easter as Wisdom: Seeing the Ups and Downs of Life

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Understanding the meaning of Easter Season for Christians is wisdom. Wisdom is different from knowledge, although wisdom needs knowledge. But this type of knowledge called wisdom is neither technical nor scientific about the world or life. A wise person may not be highly educated. He or she can even be illiterate.

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Wisdom has something to do with seeing the true meaning of life, the “ups” and “downs” of life. If one is truly a humble and down-to-earth person, he or she is wise. A wise person knows the limits of wealth, fame, and prosperity. He/she knows, based on experience, that life is passing and a journey to the next life, that nothing is certain and fixed in this life except death.

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A wise person plans his or her life in light of his/her impending death. If people will always bear in mind that they are destined towards death and the next life, they would not cling to wealth and fame as their final purpose in life.

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Easter is a celebration of the rising of Christ from the dead for Christians. But there is no Easter Sunday without the Good Friday, the crucifixion of Christ. Easter represents life after death, the hope of the next life. If one understands Easter as the rising from death and Calvary is a wise person. He or she knows that life is about suffering and resurrection, failure and success, pain and glory, ups and downs! It is about humility and hope–that there is life after worldly life because Christ rose from the dead! Happy Easter Sunday!

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